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FAll P/T Conference
If you feel that your child needs more challenging classwork, please discuss this concern with the classroom teacher at conferences.
January Referrals
Referrals will be taken in January for our screening process. Screening allows IMPACT to determine the likelyhood that a child will score high enough on an IQ test to qualify for our gifted program. Screening is mandated by the state of Missouri.
High Achiever or Gifted
Bright or Gifted?
Possible Pitfalls of Gifted

Screening - OLSAT 8
All Screening is completed during the spring months of the school year. We have found from testing data collected that the OLSAT 8 has a high correlation with the WISC-IV within a seven point range.

Summer Testing
It is recommended that students with a full scale IQ of lower than 120 do not request retesting.

IMPACT Handbook
Parent Book List
Problems and Pitfalls

Cheetah Metaphor

Global Studies - Fall Semester

Gifted Association of MO
GAM is one of the best resources about gifted events in Missouri.

College Savings Plan

Do you want your child to go to college? Start saving now!

Scholarship Search Tips

Missouri Scholars Academy
The Missouri Scholars Academy is a three-week academic program for 330 of Missouri's gifted students who are ready to begin their junior year in high school. 

Missouri Academy at NWMSU
An early-entrance-to-college, two-year residential school, located on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri.